This is the afterlife.
Where the sun went down,
and darkness is all over the surface
and under the surface.
Mist encounters shadows
of them who are condemned to be voices without bodies,
virtual beings who once embodied strong souls.

You will hate it.
Every second of it.
That’s why it’s called:
the Afterlife.

Een door 3D animatie gedreven performance gebaseerd op Homerus’ Odyssee.

Concept & coaching

Peter Misotten & Woody Richardson Laurens


Tim Bijtelaar, Amanda Dekker, Caro Derkx, Diederik Kreike Hendrik Kegels

Met dank aan

Technology Driven Art (reseach the possibilities of 3D-scanning and coming together of live-performance and projection)


2015 It’s festival Amsterdam

Peter Missotten
Peter Missotten
Peter Missotten
Peter Missotten